Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ensure your digital front door is not wide open

When any entity is attacked online it is quite common for accusations to be levelled at criminal gangs (presumably on a break from people trafficking).

Of course high level attacks are very sophisticated and are occurring regularly (see this free monitoring service from Google) but from direct experience in the IP piracy management space often the matter is much more mundane.

Companies leave the digital front door wide open and it is fairly likely that at some point someone passing by in cyber space will have a go. TalkTalk may prove to be a case in point if it turns out that the root of the problem was a 15 year old living with Mum & Dad using some freeware on page 1 of Google. The red faces in the security team at Talk Talk will not repair the damage done if, when the case come to trial, it becomes clear how easy it was.

A Digital Audit is a basic requirement now for all companies that use the internet. An independent double check that all is reasonably in order is vital given the multiple standards and skill levels that exist in the digital and IT security industries. Given that a Digital Audit can be obtained for less than £250 cost is not a barrier.

Inevitably one size will not fit all in this space but a minimum level of protection is a requirement for all companies who use email and the internet and manage digital IP.