Thursday, 8 October 2015

Understanding Digital vulnerabilities

The digital age has swept up so quickly that necessary adjustments to processes and behaviour are lagging. The legal system and regulation has struggled to maintain relevance and behaviour that would never be accepted in the physical world is accepted at the moment in the digital space with a shrug of the shoulders.

For many individuals and businesses there is a need for a Digital Audit which in a simple and low cost way helps them to quickly understand key vulnerabilities and issues.

From a customer point of view the machine or process that goes "ping" is only helpful if it helps them identify or solve a problem in a cost effective way. All the hackers out there have access to very powerful freeware and in order to avoid leaving your digital front door open and inviting them in to party (and maybe turn your data into bitcoin) it is necessary to carry out a digital audit.

Data and intellectual property are increasingly the key assets of small to medium businesses and this needs protection.

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