Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Periscope and Meercat not material in the piracy debate

Much has been reported about the risks of individuals using Periscope and Meercat as platforms for pirate activity and the mass audiences it may attract.

Perhaps unfairly this really does bring to mind Benny Hills antics at the end of his great TV shows (go on listen to that theme here one more time) where he has no real idea what is going on.

Perhaps at some point in the future this might be an issue but right now any analysis of the piracy landscape shows 24/7/365 live streaming being carried out with some enthusiasm by the pirate community with the DMCA technology based solutions forming a latter day Maginot line with similar effectiveness levels.

Why would you bother with Periscope and Meercat when an App like the one below delivers fully produced pictures live and free ?

No easy solutions here but Periscope and Meercat are a red herring (it was worth it) in the piracy debate.

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