Sunday, 26 August 2018

KSI v Logan Paul marks fundamental shift

Last nights wildly popular amateur boxing event live on YouTube PPV proves a number of things;

1. The immense power of video enabled social media platforms. With respect to the competitors they are not at the pinnacle boxing - and yet the audience size dwarfed many (if not all ) genuine title fights online. The platform outscores the content - and the power of satellite and cable is now dwindling with the younger demographic. It has been on the cards for a while but now proven.

2. Live PPV can work on the internet at scale. The streams on my TV via the Amazon Fire TV stick were solid and while the production was a little kooky it maybe added to the charm - the presenters and commentary team were perfect IMO.

3. To those of us elbow deep in the digital space the graphic below showing YouTube being ripped off by the pirates on the Twitch platform (our monitoring showed it was everywhere else too) may bring a wry smile. Content protection and discovery is a big challenge. Individual streams at 400k and above.