Monday, 8 October 2018

Regional piracy data for UFC 229 - US with 45% of pirate viewing.

With PPV buys expected to hit over 3 million UFC 229 was bound to attract high levels of unauthorised streaming and viewing hand in hand with high levels of legitimate viewing.

Klipcorp systems analysed the regionality of the pirate viewing and we thought it would be useful to share the results.

Our systems saw pirate viewing in 65 countries worldwide but with 4 markets accounting for 67% of the activity.

The US market was by far the largest with 45% of the pirate viewing, followed by the UK with 9%, Canada with 7% and Australia with 6% of the pirate viewing.

A couple of examples of pirate activity are below.

The high concentration of pirate viewing in the US market for UFC 229 (as other content will deliver different results) is probably due to a combination of high levels of US promotion and the price point.