Monday, 30 November 2015

Drakula (stream) rises ! 60% improvement in Alexa ranking in 6 months

The former Drakula Stream / Streamhunter pirate site which was blocked in the UK by ISP's has popped up as RealstreamUnited and is now within the top 2000 websites in the UK. 6 months ago it was outside the top 115,000.

With the Police struggling for resources this presents a real dilemma for content owners as DMCA type activity is pretty pointless in respect of a site with this profile. A machine that goes ping and cleverly detects that this is a popular but pirate website is not bringing much to the party.

Our ongoing survey into attitudes to piracy shows that 33% of people would still use a pirate site even if they know it is illegal and 44 % think there is no need to subscribe to Pay TV services in sport.

Overall a more co-ordinated approach is necessary but that is easy to say and tricky to do.

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