Monday, 18 January 2016

Back to the future

With the comeback of the turntable might the typewriter be hot on its heels ?

As security concerns regarding the Internet start to penetrate more deeply into people's thinking might very confidential documents be kept "off the grid" all together ?

Encryption algorithms are not 100% secure - but effective enough for most applications - leaving a space when total technical security is required and a device which cannot be networked cannot be hacked in the technical sense. This does not eliminate the human factor in security (the typist for example) but narrows the attack surface.

The type of language used in the security industry is also pretty hard to fathom sometimes  for the non expert which would make a return to a simple solution such as a type writer even more understandable when absolute confidentiality is required. If Snowden had tried to wander out with 50 box loads of paper files he might well have been spotted.

An example of this hard to penetrate language is below from the OWASP top 10 pro active controls for 2016 (all of which are very sensible if you can understand them);

1. Verify for Security Early and Often
2. Parameterize Queries
3. Encode Data
4. Validate All Inputs
5. Implement Identity and Authentication Controls
6. Implement Appropriate Access Controls
7. Protect Data
8. Implement Logging and Intrusion Detection
9. Leverage Security Frameworks and Libraries
10. Error and Exception Handling

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