Tuesday, 8 March 2016

CyberSecurityShow 2016 - trends to watch out for going forward in cyber security

At the 2nd Annual Cyber Security Show in trendy North London a wide variety of vendors, products and services were on display and offered a good insight into industry trends.

At the apex of the industry defence related contractors such as Babcock, Lockheed Martin, Airbus and Thales offer the perception of total security for critical applications. At the next level providers such as Dark Trace, esentire, Zscaler and iboss deliver solutions into financial services and other industries. Below this some excellent but smaller scale operators such as BitNinja, ripjar, GeoLang and SHAYYPE offer more specific solutions to specific problems.

None of the providers go as far as offering a silver bullet solution and none will accept liability if a cyber attack does penetrate defences.

In a few years when the hacker community has had a really good crack at these systems we will have a better idea which ones are robust and resilient and which are signed up members of the smoke and mirrors brigade but in fairness all looked to offer genuine value in one way or another.

The stand out trend was probably the emergence of viable ways to manage remote working from multiple devices in a fairly low risk way across the cloud. A notable absentee was any technical solution to spear phishing which given the resources available to some of the attendees points to the challenge of solving this. The closest to this is DarkTrace which manages internal network threats.

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