Monday, 20 March 2017

FAPL streaming server blocking order impact on live piracy levels - review 1

To follow up in respect of  the new blocking order obtained by the FA Premier League which came into force on the 18th March Klipcorp IP ran our systems over the 3.00pm kick off FAPL games on the 18th to monitor impact.

Klipcorp looked at the main high audience pirate sites and the conclusion must be that either the enforcement of the order has not started (perhaps not enough time to give notice to the hosting providers) or there is a material technical issue at this point.

All the core sites were offering uninterrupted coverage of the full game and a sequence of screen grabs can be seen here.

We will run our systems again over the next few weeks to determine if any changes have taken place.

The order runs to the end of this FAPL season (22nd May) so a couple of months to judge impact.

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