Monday, 15 February 2016

Vtech tries to wash its hands re internet safety

As some of you will be aware Vtech (baby monitors to cordless phones) was seriously hacked recently and personal data was comprised. A potential response to this could be to improve security levels on it s products but it appears that the Vtech legal department has jumped in and tried to push liability away and onto the users of Vtech products.

So the proposition is presumably that if a live feed from a hacked Vtech baby monitor appears online Vtech has excluded all liability ? This may or may not be legally sound and it seems likely that the tort of negligence might have something to say here but it is pretty cheeky from Vtech.

When you entrust personal data to a third party online it seems only reasonable that they take care of that data in the same way that a bank need to take care of your money. If not it might be best to use an alternative supplier.

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